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What is a Kruk Stone?  Kruk is a Dutch word meaning “stool”. Originally, Kruks were made small and could be used as stools for the patio, garden, bath, and home. They grew to become unique and useful side tables for interior use. A perfect marriage of form and function.

How heavy is a Kruk Stone? Most Kruk Stones are poured solid and weigh around 120 pounds or so. Even though this gets pricey to ship, it adds to the stability of the table. They are recommended for use on rugs, wood, and tile. They can be placed on padded carpeting but stability is reduced and therefore not recommended.

How do I order a Kruk Stone? Please visit the Kruk Stone page of your choosing and fill out the inquiry form. The optimal method for your purchase will be arranged. Shipping to the lower 48 states is included in the price of each Kruk. If you are local and would like to personally pick up your Kruk Stone, the cost of packaging and shipping  ($200) will be deducted.

Do I have to pay sales tax? Yes, Florida sales tax is 6% and there is a county (Brevard) tax of 1% for a total of 7% sales tax.

How is a Kruk Stone sent?  Kruk Stones are immediately shipped in a heavy duty box with custom designed padding. The shipper is UPS and it will be insured with a tracking number.  Be as cautious as possible when opening the box. It is recommended to unload it on a rug, carpet, or towel to avoid damage.

Do you give discounts for more than one Kruk, or accept offers below the asking price?  Yes we do! Contact me for wholesale pricing on multiple tables, or offers on individual Kruk Stones. As much as we love our tables, we want you to love them too!

How do I clean a Kruk Stone? Simply using water and a mild detergent with a damp sponge is recommended on the unsealed interior Kruk Stones. It is ok to use most polishes on them too.

Are any proceeds from the sale of Kruk Stones given to charity? Yes. Since I began making Kruks 6 years ago, I have regularly given to benefits, silent auctions, and other fundraisers. I truly believe there has always been a higher cause for making them. Starting in 2016, in memory of my brother Michael William Schmidt,  $50 of every Kruk sold will be donated to a local charity to help cancer-stricken children and their families. Candlelighters of Brevard has been chosen for their commitment to ensure no one has to face the diagnosis of childhood cancer alone. Not only will a beautiful and unique Kruk adorn your living room, you will also be assisting our vision of a much higher humanitarian cause.


Thank you very much!